Welcome to Cologne, Minnesota's annual hometown festival!

Just a reminder as Glad Days is getting closer please remember to be responsible. We will NOT be doing health checks at the park as the Norwood News & Times states. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If you are not feeling well please stay home, be smart, be safe, have fun and always be kind!

A couple other corrections to the Norwood News & Times article...

1) There is NOT a flower arranging contest, it is a flower ARRANGEMENT contest. Bring your own favorite arrangement from home. We will not be supplying flowers for you to make one. We did add a fun how have you survived 2020 so far floral arrangement.

2) There will be canned beer, seltzer, pop & water available to purchase at City Square Park and Lions Park. The Lions Park will also have Pork Burgers available.

3) There are some rules for the tractor cruise, not necessarily for the tractors themselves: they don't need to be old, new, restored, small or large all tractors are welcome. Classic cars are also allowed. Graduates can use any vehicle of their choice. There are some rules: there is no walking along with your tractor, there are no trailers allowed, there is no throwing of any items allowed either, only signs for the Graduates are allowed so we know who they are. This is not a parade, this is a cruise to honor our farming heritage as well as our graduating seniors this year.

4) The Tractor Cruise will end at City Square Park, not Mitchell Hall. We will once again have the bar open and The Six Outlaws and the Trumpetiers will be playing in the park from 2-5.

5) Glad Days does not have EMPLOYEES, we are all VOLUNTEERS! Please be kind to us!

6) Waconia Brewing will only have flights available for $5 on Thursday from 7-10 or until they are gone.

7) Those VOLUNTEERING at City Square Park events will be wearing masks and gloves as needed to keep guests safe. Sanitizer will be available through out the park and masks are not mandatory for anyone.

8) As for the quote of "250 people is more than you think" from Betsy that is incorrect. The guidelines for outdoor activities is 250 people. We will stay within those guidelines, 25 people vs 250 people is sometimes shocking to people. But we have plenty of space to spread out. Love your neighbors & your town.

I think that's it!


T minus 6 days!