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History and Cologne Glad Days Committee


History of Glad Days

Back in 2001 a group of concerned residents of Cologne and the surrounding townships formed a committee to do something to promote and enhance Cologne's sense of community.  The committee started a civic celebration to be held the last weekend of July and called it "Glad Days."


The goals for this celebration were (1) to have a community gathering to bring together the life-long residents of the area and those who have recently moved into the community, (2) to reflect on the history of Cologne and share it with the new residents, and (3) to encourage residents to take pride in the community and work to make it more attractive.


The theme of "Glad Days" was chosen because Glad is slang for the Gladiolus Flower.  In the forties, fifties and sixties the Lins family of Cologne were hybridizers of Gladiolus and Peony flowers.  The family was nationally known and won many awards for their fine work.  Sharing the history with the community was the focus of our first Glad celebration.


Focusing on the flower "Gladiolus" encourages people to plant flowers and spruce up their yards and surrounding area.  We hope this attitude will be reflected in the care and up-keep of their homes.  "Glad" is what we are as we celebrate this community event.


Today we have many sponsors that help us fund the celebration, and the Cologne Fire Department Relief Association and Cologne Lions Club have been the leaders in covering the cost of our festival.


Over the years we've grown our festival.  In 2006 we celebrated the city's 125th year.  Since then, we've added "days" including events on Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday. 


We hope you will help us celebrate this wonderful festival!  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact us!


2021 Glad Days Committee

Betsy Pysick - President/Co-Chair

Tom Schmitz - Vice-President

Paula Gort - Treasurer/Co-Chair

Taylor Gort - Secretary

Carrie Lein 

Charlotte Sandeen

Damon Klein

Daryl Traver

Jonathan Henschen

Matt Lein

Mike Smith

Nate Pysick

Roger Storms

Sarah Bruss

Stacy Jensen

Austin Pysick

Amy Lemke

Julie Winkler

Mark Willems

Theresa Willems

Shannon Frakie


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