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Hope you enjoy your special treats!
To keep the fun going:
• Place your “We’ve Been Tagged” sign on your front door or window
• Within three days, make at least two copies of these instructions and the “We’ve Been Tagged” sign, and gather some special treats (ie. Candy, Snacks, Beverages (adult & kids), Sidewalk Chalk or other small toys), place in a bag (like a Ziploc baggie or gift bag)
• Deliver the treats and papers to at least two other houses in your neighborhood who haven’t been tagged yet, DON’T let them see you! Guessing who tagged you is part of the fun!

Tag Your Neighbor is a Glad Days new event taking place before and during our community festival. Similar to Halloween's, "You've been Boo'd," residents can put together a small gift basket for their neighbors along with instructions on continuing to tag their neighbors.  Extra sheets are available to print off our website.  You can also pick up extra sheets at Klein Bank and Holiday in Cologne.  Happy Tagging!
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